Immersive Virtual Reality Environments

Project Overview

We present a visualization and interaction framework for the Immersive Cabin (IC), which is a 5-wall CAVE-like immersive 3D environment. The back-end rendering is provided by a cluster of 5 workstations with 2 NVIDIA Quadro GPUs each. We utilize a pair of projectors for each wall and an external LCD shutter system that is synchronized with active stereo glasses. Each workstation produces a synchronized pair of stereoscopic images for a single wall in the IC. If only one GPU is dedicated to rendering, the second one is utilized as a computational device using C/C++ and the NVIDIA CUDA extensions. In addition to the depth cues and surround immersion from the visualization system, we use wireless optical head and hand tracking to further enhance the data exploration capabilities. Combined with a range of interaction and navigation tools, our system can support a variety of interactive applications, including architectural and automotive pre-visualization, urban planning, medical imaging, and simulation and rendering of physical phenomena.




Prof. Arie Kaufman Distinguished Professor and Chairman
Kaloian Petkov Alumnus
Charilaos Papadopoulos Alumnus

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