Visual computing cluster

Project Overview

The Stony Brook Visual Computing Cluster was built for two main purposes: (1) as a visualization cluster; and (2) as a computational GPU cluster. The Labs have a 66-node high-end PC Linux/Windows dual boot cluster with a gigabit Ethernet frontend network and a 10 Gbps InfiniBand backend network, and a portion of computing/display nodes is connected to HP ServerNet high-speed (180MB/s bandwidth) network through HP Sepia-2A card. Each node in the first 34 nodes contains dual-Intel Xeon 2.4GHz CPUs, 2.5GB memory, nVidia Geforce FX5800 Ultra graphics with 128MB memory, an on-board Intel gigabit network interface card, and a Terarecon VolumePro 1000 volume rendering board with 1GB memory. Each node of the rest 32 nodes contains dual-Intel Xeon 3.6GHz CPUs, 2GB memory,
160GB hard disk, nVidia Quadro FX4500 graphics (12 with Genlock daughter card) and 512MB memory, and an on-board Inter gigabit network interface card. The Labs also have a 5-node IBM Visualization cluster with a gigabit Ethernet frontend network and a 10Gbps InfiniBand backend network. Each node contains dual-Intel Xeon CPUs, 8GB memory, nVidia Quadro FX3400 graphics card with 256MB memory.

Stony Brook University has received a Shared University Research (SUR) award from IBM, as part of the company’s nationwide initiative to foster collaborative research. The IBM SUR program is designed to promote collaborative research projects and to increase access to, and successful use of, IBM technologies for research and curriculum. IBM has made more than $70 million in SUR grants over the last three years in projects ranging from exploration of no-demand supply chains to an effort to find biomarkers for organ transplants.

The SUR awards also support the advancement of university projects by connecting top researchers in academia with IBM researchers, representatives from product development, and solution provider communities. IBM supports more than 50 SUR awards each year worldwide, and including about 10 each year in the U.S.

As part of the $750,000 SUR award, the Center for Visual Computing at Stony Brook University received a 5-node IBM Deep Computing Visualization cluster, which contains five IBM IntelliStation Z Pro Z20 workstations with a Gigabit Ethernet frontend network and each node is connected to Topspin 120 InfiniBand Server switch (10Gbps) through Topspin InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter. Each node contains dual-Intel EM64T 3.6GHz/800MHz CPUs, 9GB memory, 73GB 10K SCSI hard disk, a NVIDIA Quadro FX3400 PCI-Express graphics card, an integrated Gigabit Ethernet network interface card, a Topspin InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter. Each node has 64-bit RedHat Linux WS3 installed. All the nodes are mounted on an IBM NetBay42 Rack Cabinet equipped with a MRV LX32 Terminal Server, an APC Master Switch, a NetBay local consol manager, a 1U Flat Panel Monitor with a travel keyboard, DPI PDUs. Projects that will be utilizing the IBM Deep Computing Visualization cluster in the immedediate future include visualization of the Visible Korean Human data set, distributed volumetric ray tracing, and particle flow simulations.



Arie Kaufman Leading Professor and Department Chairman
Susan Frank Alumnus
Zhe Fan Alumnus
Feng Qiu Alumnus


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