Welcome to the Visualization Laboratory of the Department of Computer Science at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. It is founded and is headed by Leading Professor and Chairperson, Dr. Arie E. Kaufman. Most of the research conducted here involves the development of volume visualization techniques used in scientific visualization and virtual reality applications. Currently, we have projects in: architectures for volume rendering, methods for accelerating volume rendering, development of tools for visualization, volume graphics, volume modeling and manipulation, and volume visualization applications (e.g. medicine, flight simulation, scientific visualization).

Among other projects, the Visualization laboratory has developed a comprehensive visualization tool, the VolVis system, providing a flexible tool for the scientist and engineer as well as the visualization developer and researcher ranging from geophysics to the biomedical sciences.

The 3D Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) technology developed at the Visualization laboratory shows a sensitivity and specificity that is a significant improvement over other techniques, according to the largest-ever clinical trial utilizing the 3D VC. VC proves up to 96 percent effective in the trial. The technology received the US patent 6,514,082.