Flight Simulation

Project Overview

This research deals with the underlying algorithms of volume graphics for the synthesis, manipulation, and rendering of volumetric models of geometric scenes for battlefield visualization, with a specific focus on accelerating terrain and object renderings as well as modeling and rendering of amorphous phenomena. Unlike conventional computer graphics, which employs continuous surfaces for 3D object representation, in volume graphics a 3D object is represented as a voxelized volumetric model commonly stored as a volume buffer of voxels. In this project, algorithms will be developed on multi-processor machines or volume graphics hardware accelerators. Furthermore, techniques for modeling, manipulating, and rendering of stationary and mobile objects will be considered, using volumetric clipmpas and projected layer-based composition. Special focus will be given to the inclusion of amorphous phenomena, such as clouds, haze, fog, dust, fire, smoke, steam, and gas in the battlefield scene. The system will be implemented in a virtual environment using a Workbench, stereo and tracking, and will support augmented reality environments, with applications in flight simulation, mission planning, and command and control.

Support for this project has been provided by the Naval Research Lab and Office of Naval Research


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